Friday, April 15, 2011

Playing catch up

California was great. Akila did really well. While I was there, my best girl friend Juli, who is also my boss at the dance studio, had a baby. Baby is healthy, Juli ended up in the ICU with blood pressure complications, for 3 days. Kind of freaky. I was in town for 3 days before Michael and I took a trip to New York City that I kind of surprised him with.

During these 3 days, was when Juli was in the ICU- which meant work was crazy, and I was stressed, doing work, and preparing to travel, as I was winding down from traveling. Too much to write about , not enough time. Juli is fine now, and her baby girl, Hadley, is beautiful. What a blessing.

New York City was awesome, and just the break from reality that we both needed. We saw Jersey Boys on Broadway. Walked Central Park, went to Ellis Island, went to the 9/11 museum, ate a lot, and had a really nice time. It was a great time. Three nights, Thurs-Sun. Michael's Brother Dan, and wife Tara, watched the kids, mainly Tara as Dan was out of town most of the time. God bless Tara, what a blessing they are to our family! We really needed a break.

Imani is having surgery next Tuesday. She has always had nose bleeds, and they have been coming more frequently and she has become more annoyed with them lately. She has really large blood vessels in her nose so they said that a nasal cautery is basically the only thing that would stop them as their nuisance nose bleeds. So she chose to take care of it. It is a short procedure, but for kids, it is so painful, that they put them under. This is so weird, as Imani is my only kid who is always healthy, never has had an issue, never has had to go to the Dr., so it is kind of weird. The insurance company doesn't even know she exists other than for her physicals. Zeke basically has the same problem, so we may have the same thing done for him some day as well. I am sick of washing blood out of sheets 3 times a week at least and out of their clothes constantly. Not to mention getting calls from the school nurse all the time.

So that is a little update, more later.

Friday, April 1, 2011


I am tired!!! It is 10:00 pm here in California, midnight in Minnesota, Friday night. They are keeping us busy!!!!! The plane ride went really well. I am so bad at taking pictures, I have to get some pics off of my niece Natalie's camera, she has taken more than I have. Akila and I were together, and Imani and Natalie were in front of us on the plane. It was a bummer that we were not together. Akila was like a tiny child, full of wonder. People were watching her and smiling she was so cute as she was in such awe at the experience. And she behaved beautifully. I was so relieved. We got to the hotel, and went swimming in the pool right away. It was gorgeous. We then had some time still and went down to the ocean and the girls braved the cold ocean water and swam in the ocean a little. They couldn't really get their hair wet as I hadn't brought Akila's swim cap with (she was not happy with me), but they had fun. We ate at a cafe on the ocean and had to be back at the hotel by 5:00 to catch a bus to the Nickelodeon Animation Studios for a welcome party. Here are some pictures. One of Akila on the plane ride, a few of the walk to the ocean, and the ocean.

Today, we got up and swam at the pool, went to Universal Studios, came back, went to the Santa Monica Pier, rode a few rides on the Pier, the girls had seafood (I hate seafood), souvenir shopped a little bit, came home, swam some more, and are crashing. Tomorrow, the girls have spa appointments at 11:00 to get their hair spray painted, nails done and get tattoos. We leave on a bus at 3:00 for the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards which are at 5:00 California time, 7:00 Central time. Watch it live, see if you catch us in the crowd. Should be interesting, that is for sure. Akila has been pretty good. She has had her moments, no doubt. Hitting me at the seafood place was a highlight. Natlie thinks we should have a reality show on our family. I always tell her that she would have to be a part of it and her teenage issues would be highlighted as well. That the show would hear her mom and I on the phone all the time and me saying "Natlie did what??!!!!" :) She has been helpful, and that is a blessing. We are all wiped out. It was very hot today, and that definitely wears you out. I am not complaining, not at all. I like it hot. Especially after this winter. They won't let us bring cameras tomorrow. Natalie wants to smuggle a camera so she can video the Black Eyed Peas. I told her to jus have her friends tape it, they will get a better shot. Better deal than getting her camera confiscated and losing it. Or getting kicked out! I'm such a goodie two shoes. Ha. OK. Gotta get to bed, I'm wiped. Will try to post tomorrow night after the slime fest.