Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Good Day

Yesterday was a great day and I am so relieved!!! The kids and I went to an event called "Music in Plymouth". It is basically an outdoor concert with fireworks that the MN Orchestra plays at along with other musical groups. We have gone for the last 3 years and we go with my friend Juli and her kids, and her parents. The event starts at 5:00, with fireworks at 10:00.

Parking is a huge challenge as is getting a spot. People go there in the morning and pin down tarps with their names on them to save their spots, it is a huge tradition for many families. Juli's dad did this for our group. We decided to go to the Lifetime Fitness pool which is next door to the concert, in the afternoon to swim so we would have good parking. Juli and her kids were also swimming. We arrived at the pool about 1:30. We swam until about 4:30 when we got ready to go to the concert. The swimming went well, no issues.

This is how I have found that I measure things- by how many issues we have. Sad. Anyway, before we got to the concert, we had a family huddle and I made it clear that if anyone was out of control or not listening, I would bring that child home as daddy would probably be home after awhile (he has been working late a lot lately). The biggest challenge with this event (which is so much fun), is that you care crammed like sardines. Literally there are maybe 4 inches between tarps and picnic blankets.

The kids did great, especially Akila. It was so awesome. Juli's mom, whom I call mom and my kids call grandma, told me when it was over how proud she was of Akila and was amazed at how well she did. She said that she would have never known that Akila was any different. And believe me, she knows as she has been witness to many odd behaviors and meltdowns. It was great, and a huge relief. Especially as we go into this weekend that I am a bit apprehensive about.

We are going to Willmar, my home town, to stay with the Poss family. I grew up on Eagle Lake in Willmar, and I can't tell you how much I miss the lake life. The Poss family were our neighbors and a family I always loved and respected. Dr. and Mrs. Poss have invited us to stay for a weekend each summer and we have done so for the last 3 years. The kids love it, it is like going to a lake resort only much better, and much cheaper!!! They have every type of lake toy imaginable and Dr. Poss plays with the kids a lot. He fished with them, made home made bottle rockets with them, etc.

They have a huge basement with all the same toys I played with when I was a child, including a doll house with furniture that Dr. Poss made for his girls. Akila loves it!! I also have some friends from high school who are going to hang out with us and a friend who lived across the lake who will be in town who I haven't seen in years. So I am very excited, and again, a bit apprehensive. Last year, Akila had been a bit challenging and we had some pretty big battles. This was before she was as challenging as she is now.

I am praying that it will go well, as I love this annual tradition. It is very peaceful and a beautiful feeling to be back on my lake. It is filled with amazing memories and lots of love. It does make me think a lot of both of my parents and how much I miss them both. I always take a little time to myself and go for a walk in the old neighborhood. The Poss family have actually built a new home about a half mile away from our old neighborhood. Anyway, I am mostly looking forward to the weekend and after last night, I am a bit hopeful that Akila will hold it together. Although that isn't very realistic to expect for the entire weekend. But a girl can hope.

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