Sunday, July 5, 2009

Welcome Hibeam!!!

Well, I have been upgraded (or downgraded depending on how you look at it) from psycho mom, to psychotic mom; we got a dog. Yes, we are crazy; we actually got a puppy and he is the cutest puppy ever!!! His name is Hibeam, which is the first letter of all of our first names- bizarre, I know. Hibeam is a GoldenDoodle. Here are some pictures:

Hibeam is a very smart dog we have learned, he already has learned to sit on command. :) The kids and I were in Willmar for our annual two night stay at the Poss families on Eagle Lake and we got home on Saturday afternoon. Michael picked the dog up on Friday and spent the first night bonding with it. The kids did not know, so it was a surprise when we got home yesterday. They were quite surprised. Imani has been begging for a dog for years, and she said that she felt like she was living in a dream.

Of course, it did not take long to be fighting over the dog. Akila is very good and kind with animals, but like everything, she goes the the extreme and hyper-focuses on it. When the dog is sleeping on the floor, she yells at anyone who talks in the same room, no matter how much we explain to her that it is OK. She sits next to the dog and yells at the others when they try to pet it, saying that they are hurting him. We anticipated this of course, but it is still annoying.

We dropped Akila off this afternoon at Camp Ihduhapi in Loretto until Friday thanks to my friend Lynne who donated the week camp to us. This is really good timing for a couple of reasons. First off, I am stressed to the max with her after travelling to Willmar with her for the past several days. We had plenty of issues. Second, it will be nice to have these first days with the dog without the drama that Akila brings.

We brought Hibeam with for the car ride which took about 30 minutes. He is of course not use to the car so he was crying a little bit and had just a few minor issues. Akila couldn't stand it. She was whacko the entire car ride. The last five minutes, she even started to cry because she wanted Michael to hold the dog instead of Imani and the dog was doing fine. Then she started to act sad about going to camp. I was getting nervous thinking we might have a scene brewing. Thankfully, when we arrived and brought her into her cabin, she got really excited and was ready for us to leave.


Anonymous said...

What a great dog! So cute!


party of eight said...

you are crazy!

no, you are a wonderful mommy. and what a great name! i love it. and what a beautiful dog!

welcome home!

let me know if you want to go walking! i have something wednesday night, but othewise i am free most evenings after 8:00 or so!

mary said...

The only thing I can do is pray you've found it.- Have you yet? (Oh I mean your mind), you said you were losing it.Did you find it.? ; -+

Oh & I Love the blog and the dog.Both cute.
have a wonderfully Blessed day.Big Hugs

FAScinated said...

That dog is ADORABLE!!

Miz Kizzle said...

Hibeam is an adorable name for a dog! Doodles are very smart but they can be anxious and hyper vigilant like poodles. They learn routines very fast and they like having structure.
My dog got territorial over her food once and it was disturbing. The trainer told me to put her in a submissive position when I'm putting her food dish down, sitting quietly or lying down. No one is allowed to pet her while she's eating in case she interprets it as an attempt to take her food away. It worked very well and now she's a very mellow dog.