Friday, August 14, 2009


Oh yeah, I forgot to say my big news. I did a triathlon last Sunday. Yes, I am crazy as I trained for one week. Not the smartest move. I had been really good Jan-June at working out, and then summer hit, my stress level rose, and I stopped exercising. I so wish I were one of those people who exercise when I'm stressed. I eat.

My friend Juli and I talked in May about doing the Green Lake Triathlon in Spicer, right next to my hometown of Willmar. And talk was all we did. Then two weeks ago, Juli tells me that she signed up herself and Jade, her 14 year old for it. I decided to do it. Then I changed my mind. Then I decided to do it. Then I changed my mind. It was late Saturday night, one week before the tri, and if I waited any longer, the entry fee would have been $10 more. I clicked yes and signed up.

Then on Sunday, I began to train. I could run 1 1/2 miles without stopping. In May I could do 3. Ugh. The tri consisted of 1/4 mile swim (scary), 12 mile bike ride (ok), and a 3 mile run (not good). Needless to say, the swim was by far the hardest, and I did the breast stroke the majority of it. The bike ride was the easiest, although looking back I should have tried to go faster. I was just taking a nice bike ride and trying to recover from the swim. I could have pushed it more. The run was hard. I made it one block before I had to walk. And then I walked on and off the rest of the way.

I came in 272 out of 278 and I am glad for those 6 people that were behind me. :) It was the hardest thing I have ever done physically, and I think I will try it again next summer with a little more training- for the most part, I can only improve!!!

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party of eight said...

wow barb, that is awesome! i am sure i would have been one of those 6 who came behind you. i would have prob been the last one.

we need to get together soon.