Tuesday, October 2, 2012

That's my girl!!

A couple of funny Akila stories.  I have always said, that I have to laugh at some of her and our adventures together, or I would be institutionalized.

Last week, I received an email that Akila had shown a staff her journal and in it she was talking of harming herself.  This also happened when she first went to the RTC last spring.  Obviously, this can be a serious issue, but I know that Akila is not suicidal- far from it at this point in her life at least.  Last spring, she had seen another girl get put on "precaution" after being suicidal, and Akila was intrigued.

I was not worried when I got the email, Akila has been in really high spirits.  I spoke with her case manager the next day who told me the part that made me laugh.  They did put her on a one day "precaution".  A staff was in her room taking out all things that she could use to harm herself.  They take almost everything.  The staff was taking her stuffed animals and Akila was mad and asking why.  The staff explained.  Then she was taking Akila's hoodie as it has a string in it.  Akila got mad, and walked away saying "This is too much work, it isn't even worth the attention".  That's my girl!!!  The staff person said she had to leave the room so Akila wouldn't see her laugh.

One day last week she also told the nurse she was pregnant so they had to administer a pregnancy test.  It was negative (praise the Lord!).  Funny part of this, is that although we have had the "sex" talk many times, she doesn't usually get it, or understand the part about how you get pregnant.  I asked her about it, and again, she heard another girl saying this and liked the attention.  That's my girl!

She is an attention seeker, she can't stand it when someone else is in the lime light at home or anywhere, even though she seems to get most of the attention (positive and negative).  Gosh I love her, she keeps me laughing.  That's my girl!~

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Blessed said...

It's so good hearing a laugh in your "voice" as you write. : ) I was thinking about you and Akila the other day, as I was praying for two families I know who have daughters who seem very much like Akila. Both these families are struggling, one as much as you did before Akila got into the RTC. And both of these families don't know what they are going to do, and I realized I was thinking of how good the RTC has been for you all and Akila, and I was really wishing these other families could have such a solution. I mention this only because it seems from afar that this so good for all of you, esp. Akila. She sounds truly happy. And so you have really done such a wise, good thing, letting your child go so she has the healthy environment you all need. I hope there is no more guilt attached to this decision--it was so right. From this vantage, at least! : )