Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vikings Game & Imani

One more thing before I go to bed.  Imani will be leading the Vikings out of the locker room at tomorrow's game against Detroit- how cool is that!?!  A different patient from Children's Hospital and Clinics is doing this at each home game, and they asked if Imani would do it for tomorrow.

We get 4 free tickets (Zeke is at his cousin's house this weekend), free parking, free pre-game sideline tickets, vouchers for food and she gets a few gifty things too.  Looking forward to it, I am a Vikings fan and really enjoy the games.  They have been stinking the last few games, but I'm sure they will put on a good show tomorrow after being led out of the locker room by such a beautiful child!

She will be riding on an ATV with Victor the Viking, or something like that.  She has to wear a helmet, which she is not pleased about.  Have I mentioned lately that she is 12, and she acts like it?  Pretty sure that they don't show this part of the pregame on TV, but maybe check it out to see if they do.  Our tickets are close to the locker room entrance/tunnel thingie.  Should be a blast.  Skol Vikings!!

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Rachel said...

Gosh they made a good choice!