Monday, April 1, 2013

The Croods

Akila was home for the Easter weekend.  She did pretty well, a few bumps here and there, a lot of riding on the fence, but all in all, a blessed weekend.

We did go to see the movie the Croods which was a funny movie.  My favorite part was driving home listening to the kids talk about it.  The main character, Eep (have no idea if I am even close on the names or not), was a girl who climbed everything and was fearless.  As we were driving, the kids were saying she was like Imani.  Makes sense, Imani is a crazy climber.  They were saying Dad is like the dad in the movie, as he was protecting his family.  Made sense.

Then, Akila said she was like the baby in the family because she bites.  I looked at her, and burst out laughing.    The baby girl in the movie was fierce, attacking, and biting, and was a fearless spaz.  Akila laughed, and for the next 30 minutes, talked about how she was the baby in the Crood family.  We laughed about this together.  Not inappropriately, she did not feel bad.  We embraced something that she recognizes in herself.  I told her that we love her, even if she is a girl who bites occasionally and acts like a total spaz.

I was impressed that she recognized this within herself.


Donut Diva said...

glad to catch up, we went to see the croods yesterday too. Except our experience wasn't quite so great. First movie was sold out, we had to go to a 3d movie already half an hour in, Ivy was so loud, and so antsy, and laughed way too long at some stuff and was kicking the chair in front of us. I said at one point, I really am not having a good time, and was sad to admit embarrased because no matter what I said it didn't matter. My idea of getting out and doing something different turned out to not be such a great idea after all. Spring break is long. Tomorrow we go on a plane, I am very worried about how she and I are going to handle it.

Laurie said...

I've been thinking of you and praying for your family. Glad you blog when you can.

:) Laurie in Washington

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