Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Yesterday I met with Kelly from MOFAS and we had a great meeting. Several things came out of the meeting. One was that last night was the last night in the Family Seminar Series that MOFAS puts on for families to learn about FASD. They were having a parent panel and before our meeting, a parent had to back out of it. Kelly asked me to be on the panel, and with the help of Emily who is now living with us temporarily (this is Michael's week to work late), I was able to say yes.

For me personally, it was a great night. I have been searching all year for a support group of people who are living with FASD and have had no luck finding one. The other thing that came out of the meeting with Kelly, is that I am helping to start up a support group in Hennepin County and our first meeting is going to be on Thursday, April 17 from 6-8 p.m. at Harrison Recreation Center in North Mpls. YEY!! Email me if you would like the details. I am really excited about that. But back to the parent panel; it was so nice to hear other parent's stories, struggles, triumphs and advise. I was the green parent on the panel, the other 3 have older teens or young adults and have been living with it for years!!! The evening reaffirmed for me that it would be great to have a regular support group so what great timing that we have one planned.

P.S. Be impressed everyone, I finally learned how to link something in my posts (MOFAS).


FAScinated said...

I'm impressed! And so happy that you are getting involved and sharing your wisdom! Yippee!! ~Kari

Janine said...

I'm impressed - still new to blogging and learning stuff like linking to other blogs. Also jealous! Because I would so like to join a FASD support group, or start one. But it seems here in Australia, no child ever gets such a diagnosis. I have my suspicions about a couple of teenage foster children I know, but that's about it. One of these days, maybe.