Monday, May 25, 2009

Thrift store bargains

Today, most thrift stores have a 50% off sale, and my favorite thrift store is Unique Thrift. I went early this morning by myself (I highly recommend against bringing kids to these sales, it is a zoo), and I hit pay dirt. My boys especially were in need of summer clothing, but I got some for the girls as well.

Here is what I got:
  • 14 pairs of shorts
  • 6 swim suits
  • 14 shirts
  • 4 pairs of shoes
All this for $95, which averages out to $2.50/item. Not too shabby. Then, we took the kids to lunch at Rocky Rococcos Pizza as I hadn't been there since college and we discovered one in Brooklyn Center. On the way home, we passed a ARC Value Village Thrift store and stopped in, with all 4 kids. I had a hard time finding shorts for my girls this morning as they are all too short, and I hate short shorts!! Akila loves them, Imani hates them.

The girls were with me going through the clothing racks, and I found a nice pair of jean shorts that were almost knee length, and had some cute decorations on them. I showed them to Akila, who didn't like them. I was about to try to talk her into them when Imani said, "I like them, can I have them?" This was enough for Akila to pounce on them and decide that she like them. Akila went on to look at a different rack, and Imani came up to me and whispered "you're welcome". I almost started laughing and crying a the same time.

Imani knows full well that Akila has horrible taste in clothing, as she always chooses "slutty" looking clothing. Imani almost goes overboard the opposite way. She has some athletic shorts, that are not too short, but aren't knee length, and she won't wear them because they are too short. For some reason, I once was going to argue with her on this. I caught myself and stopped, and said a little prayer of thanksgiving to God. How cool is that? Imani is helping me with Akila. She is one sharp little girl. I am very thankful for her.


Dawn said...

What a blessing your dd is. We know all about those not so nice clothing desires. We are very strict about clothing. With our older dd's history we have worked very hard to grow any level of modesty we can get. She only wears capri's, and skirts with tights.

Marge said...

Hope Imani got an extra item or two! That was very smart of her! I set out to find a footstool at the thrift store today, and it was closed! Bummer.

party of eight said...

way to go Imani! (Jason and I got a good laugh out of that.) - oh barb, i mentioned to Jason that I wanted to go to both Unique and Value Village today, but slept in and had a lazy morning instead. (i love thrifting) all we ended up doing was going to a park for the afternoon and then early dinner and a movie. it really was a nice day (and jason starts a job tomorrow!!! meter reading - he did that in seminary.)

Linda B. said...

How nice to have an acomplice! I like Unique too, but rarely get out there on a Tuesday like I want to. My 16 yr old has always dressed on the slutty side and it makes me cringe. Especially when we have younger kids watching her. She tends to be the flirty sexual type and I hate it.

Hilltrain said...

Wow! What a smart girl. How nice of her to help you out. :)