Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bad Parenting

Well, I haven't had enough energy to post this week. First, I have to admit something I did on Sunday that I don't think I am proud of, haven't decided yet. Akila has been really into a lot of ridiculous raging in which she tries to step on my feet and swipe her arms at me (basically hit me with an open hand) and other goofy things. It is really fun. Especially when I will agree with her on something and she will psychotically yell at me to stop saying that. I think what? I just agreed with you. I bring that up and she yells more. She just wants to yell. Good times. Once in awhile, it is so ridiculous that I actually can't hold it in and I laugh. This of course infuriates her. So on Sunday, I started copying her. I yelled the things back, kicked the furniture, stomped on her feet, etc. She couldn't stop laughing, and then would get angry, which I would copy, she would laugh, then get angry, I would copy, etc. I was like a 5 year old. It was great. Not. But when she laughed at me, I would say, "You see, it is hard not to laugh when someone is acting like this, isn't it Akila?" Anyway, I must admit that it did get her out of her rages a lot sooner and that is usually my goal. So I may keep trying it, although I know it is not what the parenting books say to do.


Sheri said...

I mist be a bad parent too. This works for Dustin sometimes because he has no concept of what it looks like to rage. I REALLY works for whinnnnnniiiiiing.

Sometimes you gotta cope any way you know how. My motto is "If you don't laugh you just may cry"

FAScinated said...

I agree with Sheri. We've all done things like this and maybe it isn't a bad idea to show them what they look like once in a while. We're only human and we get tired and frustrated. Hang in there! ~Kari