Monday, December 17, 2007

Dance Parents, Beware

We had a fun evening at dance class tonight. We were trying to get packed up after class and Akila was acting suspicious. I was asking to see her shoe bag which she was refusing to give up. A small struggle occurred and then I finally got her into the staff room to check out the bag. Sure enough, she had someone else's ballet shoes and not her own. They were much cuter of course. Couldn't get out of her who's they were so we will have to wait til next week. She also had her friends street shoes in the bag and didn't think we would notice as this girl had no shoes to wear home. After I took the shoes away without even getting mad at her, she of course went into anger mode and was yelling "I hate you, you big head" and other sweet nothings into the crowd. It cracks me up to think of what these parents must think of me as I basically ignore Akila.

On the way through the parking lot, she was still yelling and mainly at Imani who she also started to hit. So as usual, I finally lost it. She was sitting down in her seat and I grabbed her by the coat and pulled her out of the van and started to chew her out. I broke her candy cane she had received in class and told her she had not earned it and threw it in the parking lot. Not a very proud moment. The nice thing was, that we drove home in silence instead of listening to hate filled rants like we did on the way to dance. Next time I see litter in a parking lot, maybe I will wonder if it was a parent on the edge who threw it there in the middle of their own rage.

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