Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A New Week

I am glad for a new week. Last one was long. Two days after my last post, I woke up with some kind of stomach bug and was a mess all day. Michael had to work very late and didn't get home until 11 p.m. Thankfully, Akila was pretty great all night. She got home and did about 15 minutes of raging which is pretty much her routine lately. Walks in the door sobbing and emotional and nothing helps. Just have to wait her out. She said she didn't feel good either (which I have been hearing a lot lately???) so I had her come in my room with her blankie and watch a movie since she was sick, while I laid there dying!!! The test I was waiting for would be when another kid dared enter my room, she is usually very territorial about this. Thankfully, she was fine with it and all 4 kids watched movies all night in my room and colored, while I laid there dying-did I mention that yet?

Saturday morning I was fine. Praise the Lord!!! Yesterday, I went to the kids school and met with Akila's teacher and shared some info I have been learning on FASD. She is a fantastic teacher and so receptive to Akila's challenges. I know how many FASD families have to constantly "fight" with their schools for understanding so I feel truly blessed. Although I know this could change in the next few years as Akila's behaviors become more challenging. So far, she has yet to rage at school, which I am truly thankful for (as is her teacher!!!). My fear is that she will next year, as when a behavior becomes very difficult at home, it usually follows at school within the next 6-12 months.

A funny story from this weekend. Akila was getting really sassy and Michael sent her to her room to cool off. I went up there a bit later and found her with a tank top on and scissors in her hand. She had just cut the straps off in order to, what I call, "slutify" the shirt (wonder if that word will be in the spell checker?). She is very good at slutifying clothing and this is a constant struggle. We have very strict rules on clothing; no tummies can show, no bikini's, no short skirts, etc. But she of course, like a teenager, alters the clothes. Anyway, she didn't like my reaction. I said, "Thanks honey, now I can throw that shirt away." This of course infuriated her. I don't mind tank tops in the summer on really hot days, but if you could see my daughter walking around the house in a tank top with the way she walks and talks, it is like she puts on an entire persona when she is wearing something she thinks is sexy. It makes me want to vomit, especially when I think what might be ahead in our future.

I know that I really need to do a few posts on some specifics of FASD, as many of my family and friends are not familiar with it and the challenges it brings. My goal is to do this within the next week or so.

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Anonymous said...

Two words: birth control. Get her the shots, the implants, whatever but do something quick or you're going to be a grandma before she's fifteen.