Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dance Letter

We missed dance class last week due to a conflict and I was glad as I haven't had time to write a letter to the parents yet regarding Akila's behavior. Now the class is less than 24 hours away and I still haven't done it. In the morning.

Last Monday when we missed class, a different parent (not the one who wrote the email which is in an earlier posting), pulled Juli aside. She told Juli that her daughter had been crying on Sunday night because she didn't want to go to dance class because Akila is so mean to her. Great. We have now decided that I am also going to sit in on the rest of the classes for the year. This is a bummer for many reasons, one being that the 1.5 hour break was nice on Monday nights.

I have told Juli that when we make the class schedule for next year, that she has to teach a 4/5 grade class so Akila will be in her class. Akila needs a very strong experienced teacher, and I need a break!!!

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