Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Long Heavy Week

Dealing with my friend Bernard's death took a tole on me last week. His visitation was on Thursday night and a few hours before, I found out my Aunt Jean had just died. She had been sick with lung cancer for several months. Bernard's funeral was on Friday and it lasted for over 3 hours, but was a beautiful homegoing for him and a great reminder for me of how fortunate I was to have know him. I worked at a lock-in for the teenagers at the dance studio on Friday night, got one hour of sleep and then got to go to Emily's wedding shower and attempt to give a devotional/talk at it.

We also had Zeke's date night last night so by 9 pm I was ready to crash and wake up to a fresh day and try to get rid of the "heaviness" I have been feeling due to the deaths in the last week. Then my friend Angie called me this morning to tell me that one of the students I worked with at the NYLC died in a car accident last night. His name is Evan Dalgaard and he attended the last National Youth Leadership Training I directed in 2005 and then was on our Youth Advisory Council. He flew in for Bernard's funeral so I just saw him on Friday (Evan lived in Missouri). My heart is heavy and I am so sad for the other Youth Advisory Council (YAC) members, who have had a difficult time grieving Bernard's death. Bernard's oldest child, Geoffrey, is on the YAC and was friends with Evan.

Here is a picture of Evan, please keep him, his family and the YAC in your prayers:

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