Thursday, June 19, 2008


All four of my kids are doing a gymnastics day camp this week in the afternoons, and they are loving it. Yesterday, when I went to pick them up, Akila was wearing a pair of shorts over her leotard (which were not hers), and a leotard underneath her leotard (which was not hers). I had her go into the bathroom to take the stuff off.

The gymnastics school has a little room where they sell clothing. It is hard to keep her out of it. They also have a lollipop tree on their counter (25 cents a lollipop). She has been obsessed with this since we visited there the first time. Today, when I picked up the kids, they had the clothing room door closed and locked, and the lollipop tree behind the window on the counter. Two days of Akila and they have learned something. I was relieved.

Last night, at bedtime, I was outside helping Akila gather up her toys and put stuff away. She and the neighbor girl are very into playing with dolls and using our double stroller to play with. She has a diaper bag for her dolls she was using and acting suspiciously with. Turned out, she had over 20 cigarette butts in it this time. I wish I had remained more calm.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Barb.

I am sorry to hear of Akila's new obsession. I can't believe how into "bad" things she is. Very fascinating to me and also very sad. Keep your head up. You are doing a great job.

We'll have to arrange a time where I can take Akila to a museum, or something. You'll have to sit me down for an hour or two beforehand, however, to help me be aware of what to watch for.

My prayers are with you, girl! :)


FAScinated said...

Cigarette butts...interesting. Eww.

Hope your summer is going well anyway! ~Kari