Monday, June 16, 2008


Right now, I am downstairs trying to contain my anger, or maybe the proper word, is disgust. For the second day in a row, I have found cigarette butts in Akila's room. Actually, yesterday, I found her outside with them pretending to smoke, with her friend. One other time a few months ago, I found a couple in her room. Can I say barf. I gave her the calm lecture, yesterday. Tonight, I lost it.

I went into her room to tuck her in and it smelled like cigarette smoke. She had been telling me about 45 minutes before how our new neighbor smokes. We talked about that a little bit, and how it is not good, etc. So with the extent that her room was stinking, I thought she maybe had gotten one of his half smoked still lit cigarettes. Turned out (I think), that it was only the butts still, she had 4 of them hidden in her drawer. Her room reeks. I admit, I am very sensitive to the smell of cigarettes, from the perspective that I HATE it!!! And how ironic, that this is the little girl who wigs over every little odor there is.

I realize that she will more than likely smoke when she gets a bit older, but I was hoping I had until she was at least 11 or 12. Ha. She is too obviously obsessed with all things bad, and especially if she thinks there is anything sexy about it, which I'm sure she does.

The other great thing, is that last week one day, I was letting her play some computer games while I was getting dinner ready. I was coming over to check on her every once in awhile. When I went down once, she had two porn sites up on the computer. Yes, I have asked several times for a program to be installed, but my husband is the type who likes to research, and this usually takes awhile. Too long. Anyway, we closed the sites out, talked about, she lost computer privileges.

The best part is how I found her 30 minutes or so later. Here she is:

God help me.


party of eight said...

oh my barb... wow, i am so sorry. that picture is so hilarious, but i would totally freak out if my daughter did that. i need to be praying for you a lot more. and for a miracle in akilas mind and heart. you are a wonderful mom.

i would love to meet you at a park next week. we are going home to my parent's house the following week (the week of july 4) cant wait!

Tena said...

Oh dear.... I can just imagine how that all went down. Will this be a new obsession? Trying to look "sexy"? Have you started pulling your hair out yet?