Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Hate Chore Day

Today is chore day, and I hate it. It means kids who whine and a mom who loses her patience. I was in the shower this morning and Akila came in to go to the bathroom to go potty(yes, I have stopped trying to lock the door. We have two bathrooms, but Akila will only use the upstairs one with the shower, so everytime I try to take a shower in peace, it turns into a psycho-fest). She was asking me what we're going to do today. I told her that she would get to do a couple of chores shortly and explained the rest of the days activities. She of course was not happy and had a verbal explosion. I then said she only had to do 3 chores and she was then OK.

I wonder when I will learn to be specific. Hezekiah, my six year old, is obsessed with telling what the difference is between the term "a few" and "a couple". They obviously taught them this in kindergarten this year and he listened well. Akila will more than likely never grab this concept.

My friend, Angie, has been hanging out with Akila twice a month or so in the evening. Last night she had dinner with Akila, and then came and got my other 3 kids to go mini golfing. God bless her. Michael has been working late a lot and that is rough considering it is summer and the majority of our summer programs don't start until after the 4th of July. I went for a bike ride by myself, it was heavenly- and hot.

Angie said it went really well, other than the car ride to and fro. I hear you Angie!!! The van rides have been horrendous lately, I need to crack down. For me, normally, the challenge is Akila. Last night it was Imani and Hezekiah who sit together in the back row. They were feeling squirrley when they left, I should have known. It is so hard, because as kids, it is not unusual for them once in awhile to be all riled up and an extreme handful. But I wish I could teach them that I desperately need them to keep in line when Akila is, so we can once in a blue moon have some moments of peace. I almost would prefer them to have their moments when Akila is having hers (which is about 75% of the time, or higher). Although, I admit, it is really crazy and out of control when they're all going at it. But it is also so nice when they all 4 are behaving, which seems to only happen about 5% of the time. I'm probably underestimating, feeling the effects of summer already. I hope I make it to September.

We had some interesting conversations in the car yesterday. The kids are really into tattling lately, and I was trying to explain that you really only need to tell me if somebody is hurt or could get hurt. Imani asked if it counted if someone was getting their feelings hurt. Good question. I didn't know exactly how to answer it. This was literally minutes after Akila had been hysterically yelling at Zeke and telling him she hated him because he would not giver her HIS hamburger. I told Imani that was a hard question and that yes, if their feelings were REALLY getting hurt they should tell me. I also preceded to tell them that they kind of needed to get tough skin since their sister has brain damage and has a hard time controlling her anger. I said that she calls you names, says she hates you and all that stuff, but it is not true and she just has a hard time controlling herself. Akila listened intently.

A few minutes later, Zeke gave Akila the rest of his hamburger that he did not want and she was sweet and telling him he was the best brother in the world. I tried to point out to her how mean she was when she didn't get her way, and how nice she was when she got her way. It went in one ear and out the other. Fun.


WonderWoman said...

Van rides can be very stressful, that's why we have 2 DVD players! When the kids can zone out watching a movie ALL other drivers on the road are safe from me because I can focus on driving and not dealing with kids!

Psycho Mom said...

i hear you on the dvd player!! we had one and it was stolen a few months ago, it has been killing me!! barb

WonderWoman said...

Oh, Barb, how horrible to have the DVD player stolen! I'm sure the person who stole it has NO IDEA how important that item is to your driving sanity! For your sake, I hope a new one is in your budget SOON! ~Anne