Thursday, September 10, 2009

School. aaahhhhhhhh

I have been very happy this week and you all know why. School started on Tuesday, and I spent Tuesday and today on my friend Juli's boat. Today was gorgeous. I know you may not believe this, but we worked 75% of the time on the boat. We had our laptops and cell phones, and called dance parents to do some switching around of classes that were cancelled, and I inputted tons of registrations that I have been procrastinating. We even trolled around one bay today until we found a house with unsecure wireless. What a weird world we live on. My dad (who passed away 11 years ago) would not believe that I can sit in the middle of a lake, call people, email people and look up the news. Crazy.

The kids have had a great first three days of school. Akila has a full-time aide who I met briefly on Tuesday and I really liked her, as well as Akila's 5th grade teacher. I am going to meet with them both next week to discuss Akila and her issues. As well as she does in school, is about opposite of how she is doing at home. She is in this crazy name calling, hitting/pushing/smacking/throwing phase that is just out of control. Over the most tiny little thing.

Last night, I was putting her to bed. All things were good. I was trying to anticipate all the little things that she asks me for as soon as I get to the bottom of the stairs. Turn the fan on, turn the music louder, is the night light on, etc. So as I was walking out of her room, I asked if the music was loud enough. I do this most every night. If I don't, I'm for sure called back in. Her answer was this, "duuu-duuuhh-duuh-duuuh, dodo head. You stupid freakin old woman. You're such a retard, etc. etc. " It went on and on and on. I can sit and explain until I am blue in the face that a simple yes or no is all she needs to say. That she is being rude and is going to lose whatever privilege I choose at the moment. It does not matter. When she is in this mode, there is no getting her out. It is nuts. It is driving me nuts.

But even worse is the hitting. By the time she is finally sleeping each night, Michael and I are deflated sometimes. It is amazing what 30-60 minutes of complete wackiness can do to ones mood. This was by far the most challenging summer in our family, and Akila was in a lot of programs. But when she was home, we were all walking on egg shells trying to avoid and prevent the next outburst, even the other 3 kids. They have gotten really good at trying to prevent the outbursts.

I need to re-evaluate the bedtime routine, it is not working. We usually put the other 3 to bed first, and then Akila right away after them. I am thinking a little more time before we put Akila down might be even better. Give them a chance to fall asleep before she gets to yelling and gets out of control. They are pretty hard sleepers and would sleep through a lot of it. I feel so bad for them trying to fall asleep as they listen to their sister spewing every name in the book and throwing stuff out her door or down the stairs. What a lovely way to fall asleep. This is a little part of the reason why I can't go to bed early. I need a few post-Akila hours to mellow out and be able to wind down to sleep.

Anyway, I'm back. I hope to be more regular with my blogging now that the kids are in school and I am close to being caught up with dance registrations.

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