Wednesday, September 16, 2009

School meeting and soccer

I went and met with Akila's teacher and her one-on-one aide this morning to fill them in on Akila. I was really looking forward to the meeting as I would like to get to know them better and also help them to know where we are coming from. I was also a little tiny bit nervous, for an odd reason.

You know when you get something really good, and you're really nervous that it is going to get taken away or that you will lose it- that is kind of how I feel about the full-time aide. One teacher commented to me this summer that she was surprised that Akila was getting an aide-she of course has never had Akila in her class though. And Akila's behavior in school is nothing like how crazy it is at home, which I pray continues to be the story. So there is a little part of me that was nervous for this meeting and thinking that they might already be wondering why she needs an aide.

This was not the case, and I am so relieved. I'm relieved for a couple of reasons. One, because I don't want to lose the aide- of course! But number two, is that this shows how good they are! Her aide was saying that Akila is so distracted all the time when the teacher is doing her lessons and talking to the class, and that she has to re-direct her all the time and help her a lot. She was wondering how she ever learned anything by herself in past years. Wow, what a relief.

Akila has already started to tell her fantasy stories. She told the aide that I'm pregnant and her teacher that we have a daughter in college. I laughed. They are both excellent and I am so happy, I think that she is going to have a good school year.

Our school has a new name, FAIR School Downtown is the new name. They have a new after school option that is a soccer team for 5-6th graders. Monday was the first practise which we missed due to the Dr. appt, and today was the first game. It was pretty funny. You could tell that it was pretty much the first time most of the kids had played soccer- it was Akila's first time. She did great! They had her on defense and she is such a go getter. Some other kids were more hesitant and afraid to get close to the ball when it got crowded, but not Akila. Her no fear factor helped her out today.

She doesn't get all the rules too well, and I'm sure there will be challenges along the way, but it was fun to watch her today. The game was at 5:30 and she is still wired. Not sure if I'm going to get her to sleep tonight for quite awhile still. She keeps telling me she is bored each night after lights out. I keep explaining that she is suppose to be bored as she falls asleep. She doesn't get it.

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