Monday, January 11, 2010

Pack of cigs

I have blogged before about Akila's obsession with cigarettes, and basically all things bad. Well, we had a rough morning here. Akila refused to go to school. Wouldn't get dressed. It got heated, she called names, swore, hit, etc. Told me she wasn't coming home as she left out the door to the bus stop. I had to leave with Hezekiah for a Dr. appt shortly after so I didn't go to the bus.

I was speaking at Children's Hospital and Clinics at the New Employee Orientation after the Dr. appt, so I didn't get home til afternoon. I had several work things I needed to get done so I fired up my laptop and opened up the programs. Then the phone rang, it was the Asst. Principal. Akila had a pack of cigarettes in her backpack and they needed me to come down.

As I was driving, I was thinking of where this weekend she could have gotten them. There was nowhere. We had not been at anyone's house, and had not gone to any stores- not that they are easy to steal at stores since they are kept behind the counter. Anyway, I drove to the school filled with dread.

She had of course told them several different stories on where she had gotten the cigarettes, and the only story that she had that could have been plausible, was that she found them by the stop sign at the bus stop. She did not have them as she left our house, and she had them on the bus. Anyway, thank goodness for our great school and staff. The Principal recognizes that she isn't going to learn from a suspension, but also could not send her back to class since everyone knew Akila had cigarettes. So she needed an afternoon time out, and she could do it at home, or in the office. I reluctantly took her home with me.

After a long week, an even longer weekend, and a rough morning, I was looking forward to an afternoon of peace and quiet. She has been cleaning her bedroom all afternoon, which really needed it. I was also bummed out to find out that she did no turn in the book report we worked on this weekend. I put it in her backpack this morning for sure. She said she left it on the bus. We were going to have to do it again, but thankfully, her wonderfully awesome aide went on the bus and found it. I really appreciate our teachers, our aide, and all the staff at school who help with Akila. I am thankful for them.


FAScinated said...

Sorry to hear of your difficult day. Glad to hear you have some awesome school staff! I don't know what we'd do without some of our wonderful helpers. Hang in there! ~Kari

Thandi said...

It's so good that you have such great people working with you, not against you.Pity about the lack of drama though...Hope tomorrow's a bit better.

party of eight said...

oh i am sorry barb. God's grace and strength is so evident in your life, I pray for you often. and i really miss you a lot.

praying for akila and this battle she deals with in her mind. praying for hope in God's healing. God gave her amazing parents that love her through all this!

I am glad your school is so supportive to her.

Love you!