Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Progressing or regressing

I was thinking about it today, and Akila's behavior is much worse than it was just a month ago. I was thinking that she is progressively getting worse, or regressing I guess.

Last night was rough. Michael had to work late, Akila was violent, she hit me several times, was swearing, throwing things, swiping stuff off tables, etc. I finally ended up restraining her, three times. This was all at bedtime. So as I am restraining Akila in her bedroom, I am trying to tell the other three kids what to do to get ready for bed.

It was a rough night, I was literally sweating by the end of it. And we had a rough morning, thankfully sandwiched in between was the great IEP meeting and a good report from school on her behavior- that is good. She had 5 nights in a row of getting up between 3-4 am. The house is totally trashed. Yesterday, she was up early, and excited that it was lightly snowing outside. I got dressed and came downstairs. I thought she was on the computer, and after about 5 minutes realized she was not. I went through the house looking for her, and realized she must be outside playing in the snow. As I was about to go outside to look for her, she came through the front door.

About 10 minutes later, I see that she has a pack of gum that is not hers or mine. She sees me looking at it, and tells me she walked over to the Handi Stop and bought it with a dollar that Angie gave her. This was all around 6:45 am, it was still dark. We live in North Mpls, she walked to Broadway Ave and crossed the busy street. Not good.

I have been meaning to get some kind of door alarms, and you can be sure that I did last night. I also emailed her Dr. about switching her sleep medication, and went and picked up a new Rx today. I hope it helps.

On a positive note, I think that we might finally be able to get Akila on MA through the TEFRA program, this would be huge. Keep your fingers crossed as I muddle through a boat load of paperwork.

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