Thursday, December 9, 2010


Akila had a Dr. appt today with the Psychiatrist. I had just told her I would pick her up early from school for a Dr. appt, she did not ask which Dr. She has been there twice only, in July and September.

As we were driving, she asked which Dr. we were going to. I told her, and she got really mad. I asked why. She said because I always tell her all the bad stuff Akila has been doing. I said, that I had mostly good things to report and we were mainly going because of her sleep disturbances (she has been waking up in the middle of the night 3-4 times a week again).

She was so happy. She made sure that I told the Dr. that she had been good.

On another note, I was very brilliant to make a Dr. appt for her today at the end of the school day, even if it was not intentional. Our school has an event tonight around the Hollidazzle parade. We can go to the school, eat dinner, and then we all walk the two blocks to Nicollet Mall and watch the parade. We have done it most years. I am not feeling it this year.

I prepped the other 3 kids, saying I wasn't sure if we would go, and make sure that none of you bring it up in front of Akila. Well, they always tease the kids with it on the afternoon announcements. Whenever there is an event like this, Akila comes home insisting we go. She doesn't even seem to know it is tonight. Good thing, as I have a headache.

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