Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I hate spirit week

This week is spirit week. I hate spirit week. In theory, I like it. For neuro-typical kids, I mostly like it. For Akila, I hate it. It causes nothing but stress.

Here is the breakdown of the days:
  • Monday, Mismatch day
  • Tuesday, Twin day
  • Wednesday, 80's day
  • Thursday, Celebrity day
  • Friday, Grade color day
Sunday evening, Akila was convinced that she needed a Justin Bieber shirt for twin day. She and some girl (whom I had never heard of), were going to wear Justin shirts. We don't have a Justin shirt. We had several mini rages about this. It was not fun. I could hardly get her to bed. Told her that I might check the thrift store on Monday for a Justin Bieber shirt, as she didn't need it until Tuesday (twin day).

We were able to get some mismatched outfits ready for all the kids, that was easy enough. I texted Raquel, Akila's aide, on Monday morning and asked if she could help Akila coordinate with someone to be twins, and that we were having issues. Last year, I remember being on the phone with Raquel the night before twin day trying to have the two of them dress as twins. It did not go well.

By the end of Monday, Raquel (who is totally awesome, I mean seriously awesome), texted me what Akila was to wear to match two other girls, as triplets. It was all stuff we had, which Raquel said she would make sure of.

Today is 80's day. Akila has leg warmers on, a bandanna around her neck with a knot tied in it, my Chuck Taylor high tops and some other stuff. It was fairly easy. All four of them looked fine. It is hard to do 80's day with African American hair, as you can't really tease and feather it. Akila has braids in, so we tried to put it in a side pony.

Tomorrow I dread. Celebrity day. Akila thinks this means to wear a shirt with a celebrity. Maybe it does. We don't have any. I will have to think about it, but it won't be fun. She usually does not like any of my ideas.

The only good thing about spirit week, is that I have not had to do laundry and keep up on uniform shirts.


the johnson crew said...

you are such a trooper barb.

Christie said...

It's so much work to keep up with all the school stuff - my hubby is a teacher and every week it's SOMETHING. We're running around trying to piece together outfits, posters, snacks, and whatever else. I can see how much of a challenge this must be when you have four kiddos. I only have GO girl!