Sunday, February 17, 2008

Check Stamp

My good friend Juli invited my 4 kids and I to go to Lutsen for the long President's day weekend with her and her 4 kids, and 2 of her teenage friends kids. Sounds fun, yet not. The idea of an over 4 hour drive with Akila and my other 3 kids, did not sound appealling. The solution, I would drive the 4 teenagers and my two middle kids and Juli would drive Akila, Zeke and her 2 little girls. My van would leave first as Juli couldn't leave until later after her 2 little girls had a ski lesson on Friday night. She had Akila and Zeke at her house for an hour or two before they left. She has had Akila over a lot and knows her very well.

During the hour and a half at Juli's house, Akila of course stole a few items (always does, or tries to), and found Juli's dance business check stamp and stamped Juli's entire bathroom- counter, toilet, floor, cabinets, mirror, etc. They all read "for deposit only". Luckily, it all came off-Praise the Lord. Juli was talking to me today about the anger she felt when she discovered the remodeling Akila had done and couldn't fathom the emotions we deal with her regularly. Not to mention that she has seen Akila being horribly mean the entire time we have been here. I will blog about that later.

As I am sitting here, totally wiped out and ready for the long weekend to be over, I realize more than ever that we truly need to start applying for Social Security/Disability or whatever it is called to try to get some PCA and/or respite support. The other 3 kids need a break. I am tired. Vacations are tiring.

P.S. For some stupid reason, the spell check on my blog dashboard isn't working this week, so my entries will be even more raw. Sorry.

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Janine said...

Barb, Have just discovered your blog and quickly read through it all to get a feel for your situation. Thought I might introduce myself, rather than just lurk in the shadows. I am an Australian mum with an adopted son with ARND, who is almost twelve. Luckily he doesn't tend to rage, although does have times of dysregulation when he tends to change his mind a lot, become resistant and eventually confused and distressed. My sympathies for what you deal with, and look forward to reading your posts, Janine