Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We had a pretty good day on Saturday and Sunday was going OK as well; until we went to our school's bowling fundraiser event Sunday afternoon. I really need to plan these things better, seriously. The kids all bowled the first game and had a lot of fun. It didn't take too long so we let them bowl a second game. There were a ton of school families there, it was a great event. After the first several frames of the second game, Akila lost interest and wanted money for the vending area. I hate vending areas. It would be one thing if they were made up of actual video games, as they were when I was a kid. But almost everything in them are those ridiculous claw games and things like them, that even have Ipods in them to sucker the kids into putting their money into them. Dumb. Anyway, Akila wasn't taking no for an answer and was obsessed with the games. She started hitting, kicking and all that fun stuff. When she saw that we were going to follow through on the threat of taking her out to the car, she mellowed and bowled a few more frames. Only to eventually wander back over to the vending area.

Well, by the time it was time to go, she was in a pretty good rage and wouldn't put her shoes on. It took both Michael and I to put her shoes on, one of us holding her legs so she wouldn't kick us. Michael was holding her firmly by the grip leading her out of the bowling alley, as she is trying to kick, hit and eventually bite his hand. It was a lovely scene for the other families. Once in the van, it got really fun. Not a fun ride home. Thankfully, she did calm down right before we got home and went down for bed fairly well.

But, she awoke at 1:00 a.m. again and was up for the rest of the night. Wow, that is not fun. Imani was also up from about 1-4 a.m., poor thing. I was a zombie yesterday, but not Akila. She was wide awake and very cooperative in the morning before school. Was in a good mood after school too. Maybe the key to her is 4-5 hours of sleep only. NOT.

I brought the kids to dance last night and on the way home, as soon as we got in the van, Akila was being mean and irrational. Yelling at Imani for speaking at all. Calling her names, being totally rude. About a few miles from the dance studio, I pulled off on a side road and yanked her out of the van, closed the door, and made her stand on the side of the road until she thought she could get back in the van, keep her mouth closed, stop yelling and calling names. She was not happy. She finally said she was ready, we got back into the van. As she was buckling, she started in again. I got out of the van, yanked her out again and stood outside for awhile. When we got back in, she finally quieted down. She is very stuck in this mode that "everyone is bugging me", that is what makes it OK to yell, call names, hit. The hilarious thing, is what bugs her, are the things she constantly does to all of us. Ha.

She went to bed OK last night and slept through the night, praise the Lord.

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