Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rough Night

Wow, I'm tired, and annoyed (to be brutally honest). Akila got home from school yesterday and was in her normal raging mood. She went up and down all night and actually ended up just rage/sobbing the majority of the night. I laid in bed with her for quite awhile to calm her down at bedtime; I even had to sing to her to calm her down which I haven't done in years. And then she got all wound up again. But eventually fell asleep, but not for long.

I went to bed about 10:20 but was still awake at 11:45. Then at 1:15, Akila came in our room. I brought her back to bed and she returned several times. She could not sleep and wanted to watch a movie. I couldn't get her to lie down and rest. Eventually Imani heard the disturbance and woke up. I put Akila back to bed. She came in my room just after 2 wondering if she and Imani could go down to the play room. I said no, she needed to sleep. Put her back to bed. I had to go there several more times as she was getting loud, making noises. At 3:30 Zeke came in our room to say Akila was in the boy’s room waking them up. I went back and put her in her room, I lay with her for a bit but she wouldn't stop talking. I finally let her keep the light on and read. But she kept on making noises, turning her Baby Alive doll on who laughs quite loudly. Ugh. Finally, I think around 4:30, I told her to go downstairs. Then I had to go down there a few times and tell her to quiet down as she was singing along to a movie at the top of her lungs.

I did not fall asleep after the 1:15 awakening. Imani woke up around 6:45 and went down and Akila immediately started yelling at her and being mean. I got up and tried to calm her down. I had to drag the boys out of bed as they were tired like the rest of us. It is spirit week at school and today is super hero day. Over the weekend, we cut out large letters for each child's first name and hand sewed them onto one of their shirts. Akila wanted hers on a dress and I couldn't talk her out of it. But, of course, this morning she didn't want her "A" on a dress, but on a shirt. I calmly told her we didn't have enough time to take it off and put it on a shirt, and she went into a lovely rage. It was great fun. She wanted to wear some pants under her dress which I said was a good idea and then she wanted to tuck the dress into the pants. Didn't really work as the dress is a long, thick dress. She was quite upset. She then decided to wear a skirt on top of the dress. So she basically looked like a super freak instead of a super hero, but she did settle down finally.

It was a long night. I then was sending a text to the high school girl I mentor telling her that our house was too chaotic and I was too tired for her to come over today. Well, a texter I am not. It takes me forever to compose a text message, I wasn't paying attention, and Zeke missed his bus. OK, no big deal, I can drive him before I head to the dentist to get a crown made (can you say ca-ching). But I guess that won't work as the battery is dead on the van. Ugh. I was able to flag down our neighbor, Kathy, who comes and jumps me. Bring Zeke to school, plenty of time to make the dentist. Car won't start again at Zeke's school. Ugh again. I hadn't driven it long enough to fully charge the battery. Make a few calls, finally get a hold of my friend, Margie, who is going to nurse her 7 week old first and then comes to jump me. I called the dentist to reschedule, again.

Basically, it has been a rough start for a Wednesday, I pray it gets better. Zeke and I are going to need a nap this afternoon to try to get rid of the horrible headache I have. I emailed Akila's teachers and I pray that Akila has good day.

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