Thursday, November 6, 2008

Child's view

Morning meds are usually not fun. Akila likes to pretend that it hurts to take them or she makes up some reason to fuss about taking them. She takes several pills in the morning, one which is for her Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. I usually put the pills in a miniature bowl.

Several times, she has freaked out about this bowl saying that it has bugs in it. I have assured her that it doesn't. I have washed it in front of her, gotten a new bowl, tried several things, but she keeps freaking out about this. The other day, when she was freaking out about the bugs in the bowl, I see her looking up at beneath the kitchen cabinet. I bend my head down to her height and see a few cob webs, a lot of dust, and a bug or two in the webs, on the bottom of my kitchen cabinets. Here is a picture:
I should note, the wall paper which is beige, has a cob web pattern on it. Those are not cob webs, I am not that bad. Or maybe I am.

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