Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Other halloween fun

The kids didn't have school on halloween, good for the teachers, not the mom. We had an appt. to go to the VA hospital to participate in a brain research project for FASD kids. They also wanted "normal" brains of anyone over 8 years old. So Imani, Akila and myself were going to participate. There was lots of paperwork first, and the girls had to sign their names and date each paper by themselves. It took quite awhile. The boys colored.

Then, they brought us back for the brain imaging. It was in a sealed room and I could sit in it with each girl while they laid on the table. Akila went first and she did great. They talked to her through an intercom. When her turn was over, Imani went next. As Akila left the room, she was intrigued with the intercom and wanted to see it. She watched as they did Imani's test (I assume, since I was in the sealed room and could see anything), and at the end of Imani's test, she said good job over the intercom. Then it was my turn.

As the lady was getting me set up, Akila was out of the room using the intercom in a very obnoxious fashion. The lady told her to stop, as did I. She did not listen. I couldn't help but try not to laugh. I apologized to the lady, more for what she would be dealing with while they were scanning my brain. I could faintly hear Akila the whole time, and it was funny. A different mom may have been annoyed and mortified at her behavior, I wasn't. I just kept thinking to myself that if they are doing a research on FASD, they should expect some odd behaviors. Although, I was quite glad to leave when we were finished.

When we were done, it was about 3:30 and I didn't want to go home and listen to the "is it time to trick or treat" yet junk. So we randomly popped in on a friend who lives close to the VA who has young kids as well, but we haven't been around them for about 5 years. We played outside with them for awhile, and eventually, Akila was riding her son's bike around. When it was time to go, Akila wouldn't come back on the bike, she was at the end of the block. My friend went to retrieve her, she has worked with kids and knew she would have an easier time than I at retrieving her.

Akila started to ride the bike back to our van in front of their house. She decided to ride between the van and the curb. She evidently couldn't figure out the hand brakes on the bike and came in full boar. I happened to have the passenger door open, and yes, she hit it head on at full speed. And once again, I was a bad mom. I knew immediately that she was not significantly hurt, and I started to laugh hysterically. Not the best reaction. But, it was hilarious looking, she hit it so hard. And she was completely dazed, because she was so shocked, not hurt. And this was great because she just got in the van and buckled up. I think she thought she was in trouble. But mommy couldn't stop laughing. My friend, Cristine, didn't even see it happen as she was still walking back. I did feel horrible when I realized that Gabrielle, her son and owner of the bike, was upset and walked away as it looked like she had damaged his bike. The handle bars bent, but went right back into place, thankfully!!!!

I could not stop laughing the whole way home and the kids were all yelling at me to post this on the blog. They are figuring the blog out right now. They wanted to see it this weekend, but I couldn't let them see it because of the tooth fairy post, I don't want to give away any secrets. Sorry if I ruined the tooth fairy for any of you, don't do any back reading on my blog or you may learn some things about Santa that may sadden you as well.


Amy said...

That was an awesome natural consequence since she didn't get hurt!

That study sounds awesome - how cool is it that you have the chance to help your family and other FASD families??

party of eight said...

that is pretty funny barb... i need to learn from you and laugh more!