Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post halloween candy game

Halloween went pretty well at our house, no major meltdowns, and the kids were all in bed just after 9 pm. We had a few issues over the weekend over fighting about candy. Normally, the next day I dump all their haul into one bowl and it is everyone's candy. Akila was being particularly protective of her candy so I was going to wait until the weekend ended. The other kids gave her a ton of their candy that they didn't really like.

Saturday and Sunday were full of neighborhood conflict. The big brother of some neighborhood girls was over for the weekend, he comes around once a month or so. He is probably 11 or so and he is not good news. He usually conflicts with Akila as he isn't around her enough to know to just put up with her junk, which is what most of the neighborhood kids do. But if he sees Akila show any kind of attitude towards one of his sisters, he goes into bully mode. So there was lots of conflict, and some of it was between him and me. Fun.

I basically had to tell them all to go to their end of the block and to stay down there. He didn't like this. I told him to get his dad (who is kind of scary seeming), and we would work it out. He just stared at me and eventually trotted off down the block. I was quite glad he didn't get his dad, I thought he might call my bluff.

The great thing, is that by Sunday evening they were back to our side and everyone was playing nicely. Akila is a matter of fact, in love with the brother and they are going to get married. Excellent. He is exactly the type I will always want her to stay away from and exactly the type she will always be attracted to. But Akila thought of a great game to do with her halloween candy.

She brought out her huge bowl of candy, and would take an item and throw it high in the air and who ever got it, could keep it. It was great, not too long after it started, all of our halloween candy (except for the good stuff I had already swiped from the bowl and hidden for myself), was gone. We hardly have any candy left. I am totally fine with that.

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Amy said...

I stole my kids good candy, too. :D Not all of it but a lot. HA

I can't stand my neighborhood kids and am not sure what to do about it as the kids age. I will have to cross that bridge later, maybe we can just move to the country. ;)