Saturday, April 11, 2009


I haven't blogged as I am still in recovery from spring break. It was a long ten days, but all in all, it went fairly well. I will blog about it later.

Akila, Imani, Zeke and I just got back from a bike ride to a park. Hezekiah and Michael are out running errands. So I thought I would get a little jog in while the kids bike. We went to a park right behind North Memorial Hospital. The three were playing really nicely for about 20 or 25 minutes, before Akila saw a wasp on a piece of equipment.

She went into hysterics. The wasp seemed sick, it didn't move hardly at all, even when the kids got close to it. Akila completely wigged out. She came over and was sitting on me, and I could not get her to calm down. I tried to get her to come and play on the other area of the playground, and she saw a spider and wigged out even more. She wanted to go to another playground and I tried to explain to her that the bugs would be at all playgrounds. She disagreed, of course.

I had her sit on my lap for awhile, hoping she would calm down, I tried rubbing her back, talking about other things, but after awhile, it was clear that she was not going to calm down, and she was truly scared. Unfortunately, we had to pack up and leave. Thankfully, Zeke and Imani didn't get upset at all.

Akila was in a huge hurry to get home and kept looking behind her and was paranoid that the wasps were everywhere. It was very odd. Almost schizophrenic.

When we were in last weekend, the first evening Akila was wigging out over these baby moths that were in my aunt and uncles house. She wouldn't sleep in the bedroom with me because she saw one in there. She went into hysterics every time she spotted one.

Then, the second day, she was chasing the bugs down and killing them with excitement. In the morning, my aunt Elaine was pouring some cereal for Akila and she made the mistake of putting Akila's spoon on the counter, and Akila wigged (wigged is my word of the day). I explained to my aunt that Akila can't stand to have her silverware touch the counter or table, we always have to put them in her bowl or on her plate. I told her that we have learned lots of little things like this, and once we figure them out, Akila usually changes them. I use to get in trouble for putting her silverware in the food.

I pointed this inconsistency out to my aunt and was telling her how it keeps me jumping. One day, she is freaking over the bugs, the next day she is hunting them down. Go figure.

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