Monday, July 11, 2011

CVS has returned

And I don't mean the store, I mean Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome. Akila has CVS and has not had issues for over a year. She had a bout of it on the weekend of the 4th of July and I thought we might have to cancel our annual trip to our friends on the lake in Willmar, but thankfully it only lasted one day so we were able to go. Then, she woke up with it again this weekend. Only this weekend, she hasn't actually vomited, just has the headache and upset stomach.

There are two good things about when Akila is sick. One thing, is that I am thankful that she always makes it in the toilet or a bucket. I have a friend who's daughter has CVS and she rarely does so I realize how fortunate we are that Akila has this skill. The other thing, is that when Akila is sick, she is mellow. I don't have to worry about rages. It is kind of a break in a way. I'm not saying that I like her to be sick, but there is a certain relief that comes with it when she is not feeling up to par.

She is feeling better today though. She was raging full force tonight. Her raging has been quite interesting lately. Her rages for quite awhile have been full of interesting names. She has called Michael and I the "N" word for a long time, as well as stupid white people and other "colorful" names that don't always fit the bill if you know what I mean. Now, for the past week, she has started to threaten, that she is going to call President Obama to tell him to bring back segregation since she doesn't like stupid white people.

It is hard to keep a straight face when she is yelling this, and even harder not to respond. It is also interesting that her mind is able to put together this complicated thought during a rage. Tonight, while she was raging big time at bedtime, I said her name when I was talking about a phrase that she used. She yelled at me to not use her name. I replaced her name with the word "you". She then said not to use the word "you". I then said "my daughter". She said I couldn't say "my daughter" then. It was hilarious. She was completely out of it, we had a great time. My head was spinning by the time I got out of her room.

All she wants to do is argue it seems like sometimes. She was outside this evening playing with the other three and neighbor kids, or trying to at least. But she kept coming inside with issues. Imani was playing with a neighbor girl and Imani was taking a ball from the girl, kind of in a game of keep away. But Akila kept thinking that the girl was really mad, although she wasn't. Akila kept coming inside and telling on Imani. I kept going outside and explaining to Akila that the girl wasn't really mad, but Akila was convinced that the girl was mad, even when she told Akila she wasn't mad. It was like Akila just wanted to be mad, and hit Imani.

-I didn't finish this post last night. Today, we are stuck at home with no car, and no PCA. It will be a long day.

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