Thursday, July 28, 2011

One week out

Akila has been on the patch for one week now, so I feel like I can speak to it better. And I love it!!! Love. Love. Love. I recommend all of you try it who have kids who are on stimulants who have evening crashes. I wish we had been on it years ago.

I have not restrained her once since she has been on the patch. The three or four days leading up to the patch, I think I had restrained her 7-15 times a day. She had been volatile, hostile, aggressive, and horrible to be around. Now, she has been much more pleasant in the evenings. We still have our issues, but she is not going over the edge and turning instantly violent.

I was out of town, and Michael did have an extremely rough afternoon and evening with her on Saturday, but I think that was because I was gone. No medicine could have helped with that. We have been taking the patch off between 6:30-7:00 and she has had no problem with falling asleep. So, I do recommend trying Daytrana if you are having rough evenings at your house, it seems to have made a big difference for us. I am still quite thankful!!!

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Donut Diva said...

I came accross your blog when searching for help with FASD. I spent the last hour reading your posts and can't believe how much they mirror what I am going through with my 5 year old daughter. Most of the violence and hateful things she says is towards me and day after day it really begins to take its toll on me. I asked about the patch and was toldI need to wait I think until she is at least 7. Right now medicaid doesn't even cover her meds BCBS covers most and then I pay the 45 of the copay because they say she is too young to be on adhd meds. I know she has fasd but am still trying to get dr to agree. I have appt with spec in Jan yes Jan it takes 8 months to make appt. I feel like DFS has just totally dropped the ball on any special services they said they would provide. Sorry to rant. Look forward to hearing more about how things are going.