Thursday, July 21, 2011


It is too soon to say that it is due to the new patch, but Akila had a good day and my hunch is that the patch is the reason. We took it off at 6:40. Bedtime was fine, no major fights or rages or restraints.

She was out with Angie this evening for dinner and an activity, but she was home for the last two hours, and she was much more regulated. I am very hopeful. And I have to say, that if this is going to be something that is so helpful, why are the medical professionals not using this option more often? And why are they not prescribing this for kids who have issues with swallowing pills, like I know Carrie has had challenges with her daughter swallowing pills.

And when we parents are sitting in their office talking about the crashes that our children have at 4 or 5 pm and the horrific evenings that we are having, why are they not prescribing this option, or talking about it? Strange. I know it is an expensive one. I know when we started seeing our Psychiatrist one year ago exactly, she mentioned it right away but said we basically had to try everything else and prove to the insurance company that the other stuff didn't work. Then, I kind of forgot about it, until a week or so ago. I then emailed her and asked for it.

When I met with her yesterday, she said BC/BS would probably fight us on it and she would more than likely need to call and we might have to pay a lot. I said that MA should pick up what BC/BS didn't pick up. She said that MA didn't cover this one. So when I went to CVS to get the Rx, I told them I was expecting an insurance issue. But it went right through, both insurances, I didn't have to pay anything. It is a $250/month Rx, so it is spendy!

I suppose I should wait a few more days to be sure that it really is working, but day 1 was pretty good. Michael will have to judge the next few days. I'm leaving town tomorrow. Heading to Willmar for a girls weekend on the lake, and boy do I need a break. I am very thankful for this opportunity. It couldn't have come at a better time, for me. Probably not for Michael. Well, I take that back. It probably is good timing with the patch on hand!


Kari said...

I hope the good day is repeated! Java has a hard time swallowing pills, too. She tucks them into her cheeks and lets them slowly dissolve.

Anonymous said...

The patch has been a godsend for us. My most difficult child has used it for years. As soon as it was released, my kid's psych called us to try it. When kid is feeling especially contrary and removes it early, then the rest of the day is a bust though.