Monday, July 18, 2011

Zeke's minute of fame

The kids all did a photo shoot last winter some time for Children's Hospital and Clinics, can't remember when exactly. Zeke seems to be the one who made the cut. The tip of his forehead has been in several of their adds. They had told me that he would be featured in his own campaign starting in April but I have been watching but have not seen it yet. Then a friend mentioned that they thought they saw him in the July issue of the Mpls St. Paul magazine last week. I finally got one today and sure enough, the cutie pie is in it. I snapped a few photos of it for you all to see.(in the small paragraph next to Zeke, it says "To help kids relax and feel more in control, they get to choose a tasty scent for their anesthesia masks--like the always-popular Dr. Pepper)

Zeke is pretty impressed with his fame. All four of the kids are also featured from a different photo shoot they did a year and a half ago on the mission and vision posters at Children's, check them out if you are ever there. There are two different versions, one version has Imani and Hezekiah in it, and one version has Zeke and Akila in it.

Poor Zeke has been struggling with some health issues since March. Multiple sinus infections and some crazy hives, angieodema which is lip swelling and joint pain. It has kind of been a puzzle to figure out. They have been doing lots of tests, blood work and other stuff. He is more than likely going to see a Rheumatologist in September as we can't figure out what is causing all the junk. The good news, is that it is all controlled with being on Zyrtec. His allergist thinks he might just have chronic hives, but is confused with the joint pain.
Here is a picture of his lip when it was swollen one time, and this was not a bad one!

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Betsy said...

That's an awesome pic! Aaron's favorite pop is Dr. Pepper :)