Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Taxi problems

School transportation for Akila to the crisis home, has been a challenge. The only option we have basically been given is to have Akila taken to and from school in a taxi so this is what has been happening. Last night Akila was complaining to me (which is about all she does lately) about the taxi driver telling her to shut up. I asked her what she had done or said beforehand; she said nothing. I said she had to have been saying something for him to tell her to shut up. She then said she was talking to herself. I asked her what she was saying to herself. She was quiet, then said she was just talking about school.

FASD kiddos take things so literally. She may have been talking to herself, but was telling herself that the taxi driver was an ugly stupid idiot or something like that. I could tell by the fact that it took her time to answer me, that she wasn't being truthful. Well lo and behold, this morning I got a call and an email that the taxi company is complaining about Akila and that she has been not putting her seat belt on, or taking it off while they drive and being rude to the drivers. The behavior specialist had Akila in his office.

I got on the phone with her and told her that she is to put her seat belt on right away, get a book out, and read it during the ride and to remain quiet. She agreed, but that in no way means she will do it. Maybe the taxi driver should do a reward chart, I should mention that idea!!! ;)

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