Friday, March 20, 2009


I went to conferences last night by myself. Big mix up on the scheduling. Actually, Zeke went with me, so I wasn't alone. But usually Michael and I have gone together. But it was the same night as piano.

Anyway, it was a good night. Zeke is rocking more than you would have expected for a preemie who was in Early Childhood Special Educatio(ECSE)n for over 4 years of his 6 year life. He started in ECSE when he was 6 months old. Zeke was a preemie and very sick when we first got him out of the NICU, at 5 weeks of age. He ended up in and out of the hospital the first few months we had him, it was a very stressful time!!! When he was two, he hardly said 5 words. He said "moie" for yes until he was over three years old.

He was reading a little by the time he started kindergarten this fall, and by November was reading really well. Now, he is reading beyond first grade expectations. He is a really fun loving kid who helps others and almost always listens and is respectful. He is a great kid and we are very proud of him!!!

Imani is also a great student. For years, her teachers have been saying that they would like to clone Imani as she is so respectful and cooperative. Math is her strength. She is reading OK, although she could easily improve her reading skills. this is pretty good for a child who was born with drugs in her blood. She is an amazing girl who is very emotional and has a hard time when people are treated poorly. She will be my activist. A quiet activist.

Hezekiah is also doing really well. He does have a hard time not getting sucked into goofy first grade boy behavior, but is a really good kid other than that. He is reading 90/100 2nd grade sight words, and he is only in first grade. He is a math wizard, and is making a number scroll in class and is up to over 3,609, the highest in the class. He is pretty competitive.

And Akila, is doing really well this year. Her teacher, Ms. McCauley, is a great match for her. Our school has been looping, where you have the same teacher for two years. I found out last night that our new administaration has changed the looping and that we won't have the same teacher next year. This bums me out. Akila has had a great year, and I was looking forward to her having the same teacher next year.

She is really good in Social Studies. She was telling me the other day about the difference between longitude and laditude, and regions. Behavior issues at school are minimal. This is good. I am glad. I wish it were the same at home. On the weekends, when she is on her meds, we actually do fairly well. I will chalk it up to the meds. Although I know that even on meds, she is worse at home. I think it is somewhat close to the fact that all kids, special needs or not, are worse for their own parents than they are for others. Right? I pray. Ha.

Anyway, it was a great night. I like to hear positive things about my kids, about all of them. I am very proud of them all.

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party of eight said...

hey barb. such a bummer we couldn't make it friday night. but i am sure you are glad we didn't show up. we had vomiting going on through saturday morning, and we still are dealing with diarhea. so the washing machine is getting a work out. - my aunt mary stayed with us until sunday morning, so she got up with malachi when he was sick in the night. - it was a blessing to have two nights of decent sleep.

i enjoyed reading details on each of your kids. i do wish i knew them all better. i hope we can go kitty pooling or to parks together this summer or something.

can you believe this rain? by God's grace our basement is still dry!

hope we can see you soon!