Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Lap Top

My great boss, Juli (also my best girl friend), bought me a lap top- for my dance work of course. But it is taking me forever to get it all set up. Getting all the right software on it, downloading Adobe Flash and all that kind of junk. I can't get my dance email to pop into Outlook. I am working between three different computers and I am less effecient than ever. Kind of defeating the purpose of a new computer. If I could just carve out like 3 hours to get it all set up, that would be lovely.

But we have been full of appointments, and I have been exercising like crazy lately, which takes a lot of time! I am not as good as Kari, who has been getting up at some un-Godly time like 5 am to go exercise. I wish I had that in me. I have been taking cycle classes at Lifetime Fitness and I don't get home until 11 or 11:30, half the day is gone. But the pounds are shedding so I'm OK with it for now.

I had a two month follow up with my Neurologist who specializes in headaches yesterday. I went to see him the first time on Jan. 15 and this is when he put me on 5,000 mg of Vitamin D and 500 mg of Magnesium. I had a headache the day I saw him, and the next day, and have not had one since. That is honestly a record to have gone two months without even a tinge of a headache, since before I hit my teenage years. I am so happy I can't even tell you. I have tons of more energy, I am sleeping better and I feel in a better mood. I highly recommend giving it a try ladies!!!!!! Email me if you have any questions, I have been doing research on Vitamin D and Magnesium.

Akila also had her appt. with the Endocronologist yesterday. She is growing at a nice speed, which makes me feel much better having spent $2,000 on her growth hormone injections in the month of January (we have now met our deductible). Our Endo. Dr. is on maternity leave, so we saw one of her colleagues who was very nice. We were talking about when Akila will probably start Estrogen (which all girls with Turner Syndrome need for multiple reasons, including having the onset of puberty, bone density and other things). She will probably start this in the next year, and more than likely need to take it her entire life.

I asked the fun question of wondering if this affects the ovaries or how that works out. You might remember, when we first met our Endo. Dr. a year ago or so, she seemed a little taken aback when I mentioned that we were OK with the symptom of infertility that comes along with Turner Syndrome and would not be needing to take any measures to try to make Akila fertile. She was not rude at all, I just don't think she has ever heard this before from a parent. It was kind of funny. I almost told this Dr., but decided not to freak her out as our Dr. will be back next time we go in.

There is a part of me that doesn't even want to do the Estrogen. Girls with Turner's usually don't have typical breast development and other things that occur during puberty, without the presence of estrogen supplements. I am not ready for Akila to have breasts. Not because the idea of her growing up makes me emotional, or sad. Because it scared the daylight out of me. She has been obsessed with her breasts the last 6 months or so, and she has absolutely no breasts. I can't imagine what she will be like when they do start to bloom. I bet at least once a week, she comes up to me and points out to me that they are growing, which they are not, thankfully. She has been wearing a training bra everyday since she stole the one from my friends kids, and she loves the idea of breasts. Lord help us.

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Torina said...

Ugh. Breasts. Tara walks around looking at hers whenever she remembers that hers are growing. If I could have prevented their growth, I so would have.