Thursday, April 22, 2010


Well, I am thankful that we had about 4-5 weeks of decent behavior-her longest stretch ever. The tide is changing, Akila is on a downhill slide lately. We are back to walking on egg shells at home and trying to avoid rages.

I just got a call from the behavior specialist at school. Akila was taking a practice MCA test. Her aide was helping, with the parts she can help on. Akila was getting frustrated. She lost it and swore and called her names. I spoke with her on the phone about other choices she could have made than calling names and swearing. Have had that conversation a zillion times. Can't wait for the day when it actually sticks. Do you think that will happen?


GB's Mom said...

I don't know. MK is 24 and still swearing when she meltsdown :(

Linda B said...

I hope so. I need to see it work with someone!

dorothy said...

We can only pray for it to sonk in - or learn to laugh about it. Wonder what people would think if we started laughing hysterically every time they started in...I have only done it once to a FASD adult who was screaming mad at me and called be a "Coffee Drinking Soccer Mom!" (after all the fancy swear words...the last part just sent me over the edge of unbelievable.)