Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good start, bad end

Michael brought the girls to the father/daughter tea at church this morning. They all three looked amazing. Akila was able to hold it together and they all had a good time- hooray for daddy!!!! Here are a few of the pictures:

Below is Daddy and Imani

Daddy and Akila

Imani on the left, Akila on the right

We were having a neighborhood yard sale. Normally, I would avoid this like the plague, but the neigbors decided to have it across the street form our house in the parkway area. This is also where the block party always is. Evening events like a block party are a set up for diaster- but we can't avoid it. So once a year, we deal with the raging and the issues. Now, the yard sale is a new one to deal with.

I was just getting it set up when Michael and the girls were leaving. I left most of Akila's old clothes in bags until she was gone. When they got home in the afternoon (the tea was over 3 hours long- kudos to Akila for making it- 8 course meal), Akila of course was upset that a lot of her old clothes were on the sale table and promptly took them off. No big deal, they weren't selling anyway.

The boys had been playing with the neighborhood kids all day, and there is one boy in particular that Akila has been having a hard time getting along with. Especially because this boy said this week that he likes Imani. So the jealousy is huge. She seethes about him daily, if he is around. Eventually, late this afternoon, she was losing it with him.

I was trying to get showered and ready to go to Emily's baby shower (our old babysitter), and getting strawberries and fruit dip ready to bring, when Akila lost it outside. I got her in the house, restrained her, Michael helped, but it took 1 1/2 hours to get her calmed down. It was not pretty.

The good news, is that this was the first rage in 5 weeks since she started her new med. She was losing it on Friday night as well, but we were able to head it off before it got out of control. Not so tonight. I was over an hour late for the shower, and could not even stay for an hour as I had told Akila I would be home for bedtime. This was a bummer. I love Emily dearly and enjoy her friends as well. I think they make me feel young, as they are all in their twenties and fun to hang out with.

Here is to hoping we can make it through a rage-free Sunday.


Linda B said...

How cool that the girls (and dad) made it through the long tea. 8 course meal?! That was a long day for Akila-hope yesterdays drama is gone and today is a new day for all of you! Awesome weather today!!!

GB's Mom said...

You might want to talk to Akila's psychiatrist. GB's is on 1/2 mg of Risperdal. Her shrink suggested that I give her an extra 1/4 mg of Risperdal when she starts to escalate.