Friday, April 16, 2010


The kids just left for school, and I am in awe of how well our mornings have been going the last 3 or 4 weeks. The biggest change is that her new med is helping tremendously and I can't tell you how wonderful this is. We were super resistant to meds at all so we are humbled at how the Lord has shown us that He can work through all things.

But we did change a few things in our morning routine, and I can't remember if I blogged about them. I now get Akila up one full hour before the bus comes, we use to do 30 minutes. She has to take her meds and get dressed, and she can then watch TV until it is time to go. I know this is not the best parenting strategy, but it works, and sometimes, that is all that matters.

I use to try and give her a little time to wake up more before I gave her the meds or had her get dressed, and we would have explosion after explosion. I actually think it helps to have her be a little sleepy as she is taking the meds. We have had some mornings that do not go too smoothly, but we basically don't leave her room until she has done these two things.

Now, the meds have some time to kick in before she actually has to leave. Before, in the morning, if we made it without crazy explosions during the meds or dressing routine, she would undoubtedly find something petty to explode about as the kids get their coats on and are about to leave.


the johnson crew said...

i am so glad your mornings are going better. Praising GOD!

i wish we could go for a walk on the parkway together this morning... i miss that.

are you going to summit IV? we are posssibly going. still working out kinks.

miss you.


the johnson crew said...

... oh, and you have no idea how many times a day that i mumble under my breath "i'm loosing my mind." yesterday i walked smack into our van... and i always think of you!

AKBrady said...

So glad you have a strategy that works. I'd meet my son at his bedside every morning just to get me those meds some time to kick in! I hear you.