Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fun at the Dr.

I picked Akila up after school for an appointment with her Developmental Pediatrician. She was very quiet on the drive there, wouldn't really answer my questions, kind of zoning. We were quite early, and she was very quiet in the waiting room, did not want to read or talk. Til the end of our wait when she got an excellent idea.

She thought we should go clothes shopping when we were done. She does not need any clothes, we have not got enough room in her drawers already. I gave several reasons why that would not work out. I also suggested that we could do a behavior/reward chart for her to earn some new clothes. She didn't like this idea. She was not taking no for an answer. She kept perseverating about it.

Then the nurse called our name and brought us to the weigh in station. Akila cooperated, but had a mad look on her face. When the nurse was not looking, Akila gave me many evil looks, she is really good at these. She then brought us to our exam room, asked all the questions, and left us alone. I should have begged her to stay.

The minute she left, the clothing thing continued. She would not get off the topic, I tried all my tricks. She escalated. The Dr. was in the next exam room with a different family, I could hear him. So, I am sure he could hear Akila. She got loud. She swore a little, called names, and raged. She threw her shoes at me, and anything she could find. She kicked me, my shin immediately got swollen, looks like a golf ball is under my skin. I finally had to restrain her. She was fighting the restraint big time, I was really struggling with her. I let her out of the restraint twice but had to put her back in it as she went for the computer.

He finally came in while I had her in the basket hold restraint. I let go of her, he pulled up a chair right next to her, and asked what the problem was. She would not answer. He tried a few times, then gave up and went to the computer and began asking me the typical questions. She stayed calm, until the appt was over. It all started over on the walk out. Minus the hitting and raging, just the perseverating on the clothing.

By the time we got to the car, she kind of stopped. I was relieved. I wasn't sure if she was going to get in the car and I was parked on Chicago Avenue, a busy street. Note to self- don't park there in future. We had to go to school to pick up Zeke from his after school class, and about half way there, she decided she wanted cream cheese wontons and that we should get them for dinner.

I explained that I had dinner at home in the crock pot. She didn't care. She wanted wontons. She was escalating again, and I finally said I would think about it. She quieted down, and we picked up Zeke. Half way home from school, the wonton thing started again, then stopped. We arrived home, and about 3 minutes later, the wonton thing was back. I said no, we would get some over the weekend. Rage #2 started. It was not fun.

The whole night was like this, on and off, off and on. I am tired. Went to bed last night at 9:45 (unheard of for a night owl like me), and I think I am about to hit the sack again. Did I mention that I have been jogging for a few weeks, and I was able to go 2.3 miles today. Maybe that is why I am tired.


GB's Mom said...

Good for you! That is real running. I hope Akila has a better day tomorrow- I am tired just reading about it. {{{Hugs}}}

Kari said...

Sorry about the day you had. I've had a lot of those lately, too. I think the key to surviving it all is to remember to take care of yourself in the process...so good for you on the jogging!! :-)

dorothy said...

Maybe you need the wantons and a few minutes quiet to go eat them ALONE at LC? (OK - that probably was the petty poke back at the kids me speaking.)

Linda B said...

You brought back memories of DQ that I didn't know were in the recesses of my cobwebbed brain. So the dr. is fine with the behaviors? You know he heard her and he didn't ask you about them? (shaking my head at that doc)I hope your day is much better.

Miz Kizzle said...

What kind of clothes did she want? Is Frederick's of Hollywood still in existence? I can imagine how thrilled she'd be with a red satin padded push-up bra and a leopard skin mini. Plus the spike-heeled hooker shoes. Gotta have a pair of those.