Thursday, August 25, 2011

Date night

We had a date night tonight with Hezekiah and I forgot to bring the camera. I am so bummed as we would have gotten some great pictures. Hezekiah wants to be a marine biologist and is obsessed with sharks. We first went bowling which he has wanted to do all summer, and then we surprised him and went to Underwater World at the Mall of America which is now called Sea Life.

We have never been there. It has always seemed over priced and like it is probably not big enough. It is over priced, but for just three of us, it seemed more reasonable, and we did have a coupon. It was great as they did have a variety of sharks and he was really pumped about that. It was pretty cool to see them, and they actually swim right over your head, so it was pretty impressive. Would have made for some cool pictures. Bummer!!!

The other bummer is that my cell was ringing off the hook as Akila was raging out of control and hitting everyone at home. It did not go well and when we got home it only got worse. She was furious that it was not her date night. She does not understand time concepts well, and the fact that we rotate date nights around, and that Imani had the last one, she was before Imani and Zeke is next. She sees herself as being last. No matter how we explain it, she sees herself as being last. I had the calendar out and showed her the month that she had her date on and she was still mad. I had, in her words, "pissed her off". And there was no way of "unpissing her off" at this point. She was out of control.

Several restraints later, a bit of blood drawn on my hand from her scratches, a whole lot of profanity and scratching, a whole lot of irrational thought processes and crazy threats and other icky things said, and I finally got her to bed on the couch in the living room. I don't think I could have gotten her to bed in her bedroom though. Imani has been sleeping with her this summer since she has a window air conditioning unit in her bedroom and Imani doesn't, but she was too out of control for Imani to sleep with her tonight so we were having Imani in our room with us. Well, then she gets herself so worked up that she is scared to sleep by herself, although she would in the living room (makes no sense of course, but she just has to have some kind of control I guess).

Anyway, it was a rough night for the PCA and for mom. And for poor Akila. The poor thing just cannot calm down. She just looks like a wild animal. She just stands there and screams uncontrollably, but doesn't want anything. So I tell her to stop following me around and if she is so mad at me and if I am making her so mad and "pissing her off" so much, but she just can't stay away from me. It is the craziest thing you have ever seen.

I was doing dishes, and she kind of calmed down, and she kept on saying "just tell me one thing mom, why do you keep talking behind people's backs? Just tell me this one thing?" She repeated this over and over, a million times. I finally told her that I would answer it if she took her night time meds. And she of course said she would take them after I answered. Well I'm not that much of a sucker. We went back and forth, I won. She took the meds. I asked for clarification on her question. She said that she has heard me talk at Children's Hospital about her and at the Dr's office and that is rude. Well, I'm sure she also meant at the needs assessment last night at the mental health facility.

I actually have always hated doing that with dr.'s, answering questions about the child in front of them. Last night, in particular, when the guy is asking about fire setting , self inflicting wounds, etc. I'm thinking, please don't give her any ideas!!!! So I was explaining to her that we are trying to help her, and that they are trying to help me be a better parent. And then she got mad, and escalated, and started to hit me some more.

But you know what, we had a blast with Hezekiah, and that is what I am thankful for. He is a really cool kid, and I wouldn't doubt it if he does grow up to be a marine biologist!!!!!

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tracy said...

I"m glad you had the brief respite and good time with your budding marine biologist. : )