Thursday, December 8, 2011

Honor roll ceremony

A few of her teachers are speaking about her on the top, and the next picture is the Principal and Associate Principal handing out the goods.

This morning was Akila's honor roll ceremony, it was very fun. Her school has uniforms and the students who make the honor roll receive a shirt that says "I am the definition of ambition" and some other school stuff on them. They can use these as uniform shirts. All 3 of my other kids have one and have been on the honor roll. This was Akila's first time, and she was pumped. I am so proud of her!!!

I have been fighting a strange mini cold this week. Started on Monday afternoon with a slight cough, not in my chest, but throat. Bit of a hoarse voice started also, and woke up Tuesday morning with body aches. No fever, no runny nose. Just slight cough and body aches. Body aches are the one thing that make me crazy, I can function pretty well with all the other stuff.

We increased Akila's Abilify on Tuesday and she has been more calm and manageable the last two days. Today she has an after school class and after that, we are going to the school for a meal and the whole group then walks over to the Hollidazzle Parade. Her school is in downtown Minneapolis, just one block from the parade. Of course, it is going to be freezing today, and I still don't feel great. But it beats cooking!


jodilee0123 said...

Congrats to Akila! So awesome! HOpe you feel better. It IS cold outside. BRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrr!

Leader of the Pack said...

My bonus daughter, who we suspect may have some fetal alcohol issues (mom will never admit that she drank)...just made the honor roll too - and then came home from her mom's to terrorize her brother. Because of your and Dorothy's blog - I have already found ways manage some of her behaviors until we can have some further assessments completed. Thank You for sharing all you do!!