Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Calendars, tokens & lists, oh my!

The below picture of our two month calendar (which is on a wall that I started to peel wall paper on over 7 years ago- ugh!), is a tool I love. All of my kids look at it daily to see what's coming up, and Akila especially loves it to know what is going on. It is magnetic, and we will attach other things on the bottom of it.

The next picture shows some post it notes with "calming techniques" that Akila is suppose to use when she is getting upset. Nice in theory, but she has not once used the ideas when she is getting mad. When I suggest them, it infuriates her. But we still refer to them and keep them.

The next two sheets explain her token system. Not a big fan of it, but we are giving it a try for the umpteenth time. It has helped a little.

This is my favorite thing hanging on the board right now. Last week one day, the boys asked to use my laptop. I thought they were playing a game. Instead, they typed up this list titled "Things To Do If We Are Board". I did not tell them to do it, I did not suggest it, they weren't even complaining of being bored which makes it all the more precious. I am going to type the list below in case you can't read the picture.

  • Play the Wii
  • Play Bionicles/Legos
  • Play spies with stuffed animals
  • Play with Nerf guns
  • Wrestle
  • Play super heroes
  • Color super heroes
  • Look at the internet on mom's laptop
  • Memorize our bible verses
  • Play PSP and DSI
  • Watch movies on Netflix
  • Play a board game
  • Play outside
  • Fight with light sabers
  • Play table football
  • Do latch hooks
  • Watch TV channels
  • Build with big and small blocks
  • Help mom or dad
  • Sit in beds and read
  • Play hide and seek
  • Make paper airplanes and fly them
  • Play catch with a football
How precious is this? I was very impressed that they were doing this without prompting, and I was even more impressed with the list they put together. I am truly blessed!


Anonymous said...

Awww! The list is sweet. I am impressed with "memorize our bible verses"! That is great! Proud mom moments. :)

Anonymous said...


I am laughing at the Post-its with calming strategies because Hope has a set of these,too. The kicker is that they actually work--but only if I am within range to see the very subtle earliest signs of her deteriorating and suggest a calming activity. Once she's past that short window of opportunity, it is too late; she's beyond calming. She doesn't have the exuctive functioning to interevene on her own and now that she's seven, if she's quietly doing something like playing Barbies :)I'm usually in another room doing something else so miss the window of oportunity. By the time I hear her, it is too late too blow bubbles. Sigh. It's one reason it was easier when she was younger. It wasn't safe to leave her alone so I was usually with her to help descelate... For us, things that show promise in a more clinical setting don't always function well in real life.

Your boys' list is wonderful :). --Carrie