Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mommy is out of practice

I was in meetings all day at Children's Hospital and Clinics yesterday- well until early afternoon when I then helped give Julie a ride (she was in meetings with me), and then we went to a late lunch. I got home 5 minutes before Akila got off the bus.

When she got home, she was wound tightly! Hyper, bouncing off the walls, just a nut. Not raging, getting mad a little at piddly things, but was just plain goofy. I wondered, did I give her her morning meds? Yes, I remembered doing it. About a 1/2 hour later, I was checking my emails for the first time all day and had one from her special ed teacher. Said they had a really rough day and they kept her from her classes all afternoon.

I then remembered something. I had her take her oral meds, but forgot to put the Daytrana patch on her hip. This is the ADHD med. OOPS. Major oops on my part. The school paid the price, and so did our entire family all night. She was just loony, it was one of those reminders that the meds really do help.

I am out of practice. My 3 month respite was very nice, and I have been trying to prepare myself for the return to what is our "normal". Which means rough mornings, rough evenings, rough weekends. Basically, roughness all the time. And the skating on thin ice and walking on egg shells.

This afternoon, she has an appt for an OT evaluation at Children's. It will be interesting to see what they have to say compared to what the OT at the crisis home said. I wasn't impressed with her evaluation, but this was due to several factors. The main reason is that she did not interview me and made many assumptions that were wrong and ridiculous. I do think that Akila could benefit from some more sensory stuff so I am hopeful that they will have some good suggestions for us.

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