Thursday, May 22, 2008

$3,000 - YEY!!

I am celebrating that we have spent $3,000. You heard me right, spent it. You maybe thought we got our economic stimulus money or something. No, we have meet our health insurance $3,000 deductible and those lovely insurance people are now going to cover 80% of our medical bills. How wonderful. Something is messed up when we have gotten to the point where I am excited to meet a deductible.

But now, every time we are at the Psychologist, I won't be as annoyed at how much we are having to pay for the appt. Nor will I put off too long taking a kid in to the Dr. when I think something is wrong. I won't put off making an appt. for Akila to have her routine screenings (like echocardigrams, renal ultrasounds, eye exams, etc.) for her Turner's Syndrome. Just wanted to share our "great news". Ha.


party of eight said...

ouch, that is what we have a 3,000 deductible then we pay 20% too. we are in the "don't go to the doctor" phase of life.

FAScinated said...

Hey Barb,
Are you out trying to decide how to spend all your freed up funds now?! Haven't heard from you in a while, I hope everything is OK.

Are you going to the Julie Gelo conference on Monday and Tuesday? ~Kari