Thursday, May 22, 2008

Two Good Days, I'll Take It

I am on a high right now and I'm really enjoying it. Akila has had 2 really good days, in a row!!! On Tuesday, she came home from school in a good mood. I was watching one of my friend's daughters, Kalynn, and Akila played with her for awhile before Kalynn left and the she played nicely with Imani for quite awhile. She was respectful, patient and really fun. I was praising her all night!!! She got a 4 on her behavior chart, the first one in several weeks, and probably the first one she truly earned. She even stayed in bed at bedtime. It was a really fun night.

Then, yesterday morning, we had our appt. with the Psychologist. She was so excited to see him and show him the chart with her number 4. Never mind that the rest of the week were mainly 1's and 2's, she had a 4. Never mind that we had a horrific weekend, I was trying to focus on the 4. It was really fun. While the Dr. left the room to get something off the printer, Akila pointed to a toy truck on his shelf that she wanted to play with. She does this every time we are there, but will never ask him, she asks me. I told her to wait until he returned and ask him. This has set her off every other time and made her quite angry. She said OK this time. I praised her for her response and we briefly talked about it, and that if she kept this up she would earn another 4.

We stopped at Rainbow Foods after the appt to get a Lunchable for her and she was describing a red bag of popcorn she wanted me to get as well. I told her that I would put it on the grocery list but that right now, we are just buying the Lunchable. Normally, she would freak out over this, since I just said no. She did not, again she said OK, which I praised her for and we talked about the 4 again. It was soooooooo nice.

After school, she did pretty well also. There were several times when she was starting to lose it, but was able to get herself calmed down. She was getting angry once when I was telling her to leave Hezekiah alone and called me a moran and immediately apologized and was very aware of her behavior. If she gets mostly 4's with a few 3's in a week period, she gets to go rollerskating as a reward. I really hope she can do it. Not to sound pessimistic, but I know the high of the last 2 days won't last. But it has been a great 2 days. I am swamped with work (the dance recitals are next weekend and I'm working on the programs and tickets-not fun), I got to clean up two poop messes yesterday (I'm not going into details on that), but I was and still am in a great mood. I haven't been called many names, or been hit or kicked at for 2 days. And I have slept.

You know you're living an interesting life, when you are feeling good for haven gotten sleep, not being hit, kicked or called names, and all in the midst of cleaning crap. Life is good.


party of eight said...

i'll send kalynn over anytime if you think that helps! ha ha.

praise Jesus for 2 good days! yeah!

i'm glad you got some sleep...

thanks for the way you always encourage me!

meganlynn7 said...

I am sooo happy Akila got two 4's in a row! I have been trying to reinforce her behavior chart at school. I hope she can start getting more 4's in the future (not just one or two per month).

Thanks for doing all you do for Akila and your beautiful family. You are an inspiration, Barb! :o)