Thursday, May 15, 2008


As most people know, we don't qualify for a PCA for Akila but are working on it. After school and evenings can be very stressful at our house, especially when Akila comes home in meltdown mode, which she honestly does 90% of the time. My friend, Angie, offered a few months ago to take Akila out every other week on Wednesday evenings and it has been a huge blessing. It definitely was last night. As you can see, they went to the Sculpture Garden and had a great time. Thanks Angie!

It is a blessing when Angie does this for a couple of reasons. The main thing is that the rest of us need a break from the constant conflict which naturally follows Akila around. The second thing, is that I have been having Raven, the 15 year old girl I mentor, come over on that evening. Raven is this beautiful girl with tons of brains and lots of potential, who has always struggled to get along with not a lot of support from family. I love this girl, she can do and be anything, but unfortunately it is all up to her. We talked about that last night. There is nobody who wakes her up and makes sure she gets to school; she has to take charge and do that if she doesn't want to go to summer school. There is nobody who makes her do her homework; she has to take charge and do it if she doesn't want to go to summer school. She has a hard time seeing her future, we are going to do some more goal planning and stuff like that. This girl is awesome. Here is a picture of her last night writing a paper on our computer. Raven, if you're reading this, I know that you can do it!!! Believe in yourself- I do!

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party of eight said...

great pictures of akila holding the cherry! what a card! - what a blessing to have a friend help out every other wednesday! - and thanks for all the times you help me out! love you!