Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Great Sleep Over

I dread sleep overs. Let me clarify, I love sleep overs at other people's houses, I hate them at my house. And for one reason only; Akila's behavior. We have not had one for awhile as I dread them so much. If Akila is the one with a friend over, her siblings are usually not allowed to look at her friend without a huge fight. Akila's friend Emma slept over on Friday night and it went really well, I am so relieved.

Akila was great. Emma came home on the bus and the girls went up to Akila's room to play. Akila actually let Imani in there to play with them, practically the entire night, I was shocked. There was once or twice when she appropriately told Imani that she wanted some alone time with Emma now, which was very reasonable. Imani did not handle it well, but that was fine. Akila did draw the line when it came to sleeping in the family room, Imani was not allowed in there. Bed time was a bit of a struggle and Akila was getting pretty sassy. I always wonder what kids think when they see her like that. Calling her mom an idiot and talking very poorly. They must have some stories to tell when they get home. Thankfully, Emma's mom really gets FASD. She had a brother with FASD so I really appreciate her and her understanding.

The true test will be when Imani has a friend over for a sleep over in the next few weeks. Those are usually more difficult. I have tried to have them each have a friend over on the same night, that was a disaster. I am just thankful this one went well.

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