Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First Presentation

I am presenting a workshop on FASD and the ups and downs of living with it, it will be my first workshop on the topic, and I need to prepare. But it isn't until Thursday, so why would I work on it yet? I am so last minute.

My friend Lynne works in a school district in the northern metro and is part of a statewide group called the Minnesota Association for Career and Technical Education for Special Needs Personell (MNACTESNP)-that is quite the accronym. I am doing two workshops on Thursday. I don't have my act together enough to do a fancy power point or anything, but I have been taking some notes on points and stories I want to tell.

I am a bit nervous. I have presented many workshops for years at different conferences, and even led many trainings. But not on FASD. It is a great group to get info out to. Many of these staff are work coordinators for high school students and 18-21 year olds. Wish me luck.


Torina said...

Good luck!

FAScinated said...

Barb, This is great! Good luck and let me know if you need anything!

And where I work we have a speakers bureau if you are interested! :-)

party of eight said...

that is great, i will be praying for yoU!